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Founded in 1908, the Joseph F. Rock Herbarium (HAW) serves the official university repository for botanical plant specimens and includes the Lyon Arboretum specimen collection. It is the result of decades of plant exploration by some of the leading researchers in the Pacific basin and collections continue to expand. Today, the herbarium is part of the University Museum Consortium, and comprises approximately 50,000 dried preserved plant specimens.

The mission of the herbarium is to maintain and expand the collection to make a thorough representation of Hawaiian and Pacific Island flora, with particular emphasis on vascular plants. For more than 100 years, the herbarium has been a focal point for teaching, training, and education on the flora of Hawai'i and the Pacific.

The Collection
The Joseph F. Rock Herbarium collects, houses and maintains voucher specimens of plants that reflect the teaching, research and project efforts of faculty, staff and students at UH Manoa. More than 42,000 voucher specimens from are held in the herbarium. The Lyon Arboretum herbaria (HLA) which included more than 8000 specimens of plants cultivated was merged with the university collection in 2005 as part of an NSF grant. The Lyon Arboretum collection includes and native Hawaiian flora and introdcued accessions collected on the grounds of the Lyon Arboretum gardens, as well as plants collected for screening by National Institutes of Health. For more information about the herbarium, or loans contact

HAW staff maintains partnerships and memberships with the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium, the Society of Herbarium Curators, International Association of Plant Taxonomy, American Society of Plant Taxonomists, Natural Science Collections Alliance, Hawaiian Botanical Society, and the Hawaii Museum Association.

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