Plant Checklist of Kaho`olawe Island



The following links provide information about Kaho`olawe Island.

Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission
Manages the Kaho'olawe Island Reserve while it is held in trust for a future Native Hawaiian sovereign entity.

Protect Kaho`olawe Ohana
Promoting Hawaiian culture of the island

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Cultural Surveys Hawaii, Inc. – Kaho’olawe UXO Clearance Project
Company providing services for Archaeological surveys of Kaho’olawe

Hawaii Coastal Geology Group – Kaho`olawe Imagery Index
Team of researchers and students from UH Geology and Geophysics providing images and downloads of Hawaiian Island. Downloads from USGS and NOAA.

Hawaiian Encyclopedia: Kaho`olawe
History and Hawaiian culture of Kaho’olawe

Aerial view of Kaho’olawe

Kaho`olawe – Huapala
Hawaiian lyrics about Kaho’olawe

Bishop Museum. Describes the different locations throughout the island with numerous images.

Numerous links about Kaho’olawe
Kaho’olawe – Map
Old topological map of Kaho’olawe

Kaho’olawe – Military
Recent history of the Military and the island of Kaho’olawe

Kaho’olawe - Military
Organization providing case studies throughout the world of conflicts affecting the environment. Numerous links.

Kaho’olawe – Natural Areas of Hawaii
Contains Links to many images of plant species found on the island of Kaho’olawe. Only a very few images were actual photographed on Kaho’olawe.

Kaho’olawe – Plants of Hawaii – Images by Forest and Kim Starr
Many images of plants photographed on the island of Kaho’olawe

Kahoolawe: The first landing
Black and white photographs of the 1976 Occupation of Kaho’olawe by a native Hawaiian group.

Mele O Kahoolawe
Hawaiian chant about Kaho’olawe

News Articles about Kaho’olawe
Links to newspaper articles about Kaho’olawe

Offshore Islet Project – Bishop Museum
Listing of plant and animal species found on two small areas of Kahoolawe.

Saving Kaho’olawe – Honolulu Magazine
Account and photos of one volunteer experiences on Kaho’olawe

Uncle Charlie – Kaho’olawe
A number of articles about Kaho’olawe and the Hawaiian people.

Virtually Hawaii: Kahoolawe Virtual Field Trip
Describes field trip made by students researchers to a research station on Kaho’olawe with images.

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