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Job / Internship Opportunities
(Updated Spring 2011)

Spring 2011 Employment
University Museum Curatorial Assistant
Job# 78299-A3, $9.45/hr, 20 hrs/wk.

Botanist/Gardener/Landscape Maintenance
Job# 98886-A4, $10.80/hr, 20 hrs/wk.

Student Internships - Advanced or Directed Research Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students (BOT399, BOT612, BOT699) interested in an investigation of a botanical research project and/or laboratory work.

Fiona Greatbanks - Key to the Vacular Plant Family of the Hawaiian Islands
Lucid3 Builder was used to assemble a key capable of helping a person with minimal botany experience to easily key out a plant from a list of sixty-six plant families commonly found on Oahu. Thirteen features and 193 states were added to help define what characteristics might be checked for. Families received a check mark for each characteristic that they contained, helping to create a spreadsheet and make it possible for those using the Lucid Player to select the features pertaining to the family at hand. Images and definitions were added to help those with minimal botany experience to understand what they were looking for, as well as URL links from family names to web pages about the families to help confirm identity.

Volunteer Internships

UH Museum Assistants - Archivists & Librarians (Digital )
Assist in cataloging the University of Hawaii at Manoa Museum collections.
We need help with database entry of collection catalogs and digitization of
historical 35 mm slides. Insect, Fish, Plant, DNA, Campus Art catalogs are
under development. Experience with computer preferred. Archival, Library
experience is excellent but not required. Training will be available.

Volunteers play integral roles in the Herbarium management and digital archive
Our on-going database project is underway to transfer label information
from herbarium specimens to be publicaly available online, and many volunteer
hours will be needed to contributed to this effort. The following positions are

Data Entry Personel
Help transfer specimen label information from plant specimens to database software, so the general public has access to the collection via the Internet..

Photograph Archivist (35 mm and print)
Immediate need is to digtally scan 35 mm Natural History slides for the UH Photo Gallery project.

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