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An e-Flora of Tokelau

The e-Flora of Tokelau is an on-going floristics project. It presents an electronic reference of the information on the names, taxonomic relationships, distributions, and morphological characteristics of plants found in Tokelau. The current checklist consists of 38 families, 76 genera, and 86 taxa of flowering plants and 7 families, 7 genera, and 8 taxa of ferns and related groups.

Conservation of the Joseph F. Rock Herbarium Wood Collection
A digital archive of disparate native and commercial wood

Hawaiian Plant DNA database

Pacific Island Regional Consortium of Herbaria (PIRCH)

Conservation, Treatment and Digitization of Rare Botanical Books

Virtual Herbarium
A Campus Plant Reference Collection and specimen label data submission portal.

University Laboratory School Campus Plant Collection

UH Natural History Photograph Gallery

UH ScholarSpace - Herbarium Collection
The Hawai'i Botanical Legacy Project is a collection of digital research and teaching materials pertinent to the extensive botanical history of the Hawaiian Islands. The purpose is to store the intellectual works of historically significant botanists, former and current faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Botany and to provide a permanent trusted web location for accessing the digital resources.

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